Horizon 2020: The European Union’s Framework Programme for Research and Innovation

2014 – 2020

Approx. € 70 billion

Bundling of all funding programmes related to research and innovation

Strategic priorities:

  • Strengthening scientific excellence in Europe
  • Securing Europe’s position as an industrial leader
  • Contributing to solving societal challenges, including health, food security, clean and efficient energy, smart and green transport


  • To strengthen the EU’s competitiveness in science and business
  • To contribute to solving the grand social challenges
  • To involve enterprises to a greater degree
  • To cover the entire innovation chain - From basic research to market maturity

Support for NRW players:

  • Advice and support for proposals and projects by: National Contact Points,  the European Liaison Office of the German Research Organisations (KoWi), EU offices at universities and in research institutions, ZENIT GmbH
  • Assistance in partner search and support in forming consortia by: NRW.Europa, the network node for NRW of the Enterprise Europe Network (ZENIT GmbH, NRW.International and NRW.BANK)



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